Reach your potential by factoring your feelings first



I help passionate professionals factor their feelings, first so they can reach their potential



I grew up in an environment where the expression of emotions was unwelcome and discouraged. At an early age, I learned that it was better to hide how I was feeling as opposed to physically or vocally sharing what was going on inside me. 


Fast forward to my late 20’s and I found myself working in “tech” in corporate America having had decent success. I had a career I mostly enjoyed, discovered skills that I was good at and had seen progression through my career vis-a-vis promotion and salary increases. With all of this I felt like I should be happy and fulfilled, yet I wasn’t. I still had big dreams I wanted to pursue yet I felt as though something was getting in my way. As it turns out, all these years I had been focusing on the external factors (promotions, money, job titles) that would move me forward rather than the internal struggles that were holding me back. 


I’ve been in Software as a Service (SaaS) for nearly 20 years now and I still enjoy it. And during the Covid shut down in 2020, I realized I wanted to pursue something that could make a meaningful difference in someone else's life; something that had changed my life; getting in touch with how I feel. I launched my business to help passionate professionals reach their potential by factoring their feelings, first. 


Outside of software and speaking, you’ll find me cooking, traveling or enjoying where I live, sunny southern California.




How to Reach Your Potential

If someone told you that you could get out of your own way by stopping to evaluate your feelings, would you believe them? Probably not. Yet what I’ve discovered is that the birthplace for resilience, courage and bravery starts with understanding how we feel. Our feelings and emotions are at the core of who we are and how we interact with each other. Studies show that feelings left unaddressed or unrecognized can inhibit our judgement, cognitive ability and long term success.


In this talk I'll show you how naming, feeling, accepting  and self regulating our feelings unlocks the door to reaching your potential.


How to Overcome Your Fears

How many of us are brave and facing our fears every day? Let’s be honest, a few of us. It’s scary and hard. I would also ask you, are you living out your dreams, fulfilling your passions and doing what you really want to? Living out your dreams and passions often means facing your biggest fears. I knew in my early 20’s that I wanted to be a speaker yet it took years of lessons in resilience, bravery, vulnerability, and curiosity to get to where I am now. It's been a journey. Let me tell you what's worked for me.


In this talk I’ll tell you my fears and what I use to overcome them.


How to Evaluate & Purchase the Right Software

How often does one buy software over the course of their career? Once, twice, maybe three times. Now add to the mix that the pandemic has fundamentally shifted the way CEOs and CFOs invest in technology. Evaluating and purchasing software is daunting and without having experience it can be challenging to know where to start. It can also make or break your career. Many people fail to realize that they’re putting their reputation on the line to make a recommendation, ask for money and guarantee outcomes. Success is the only option, yet so many software purchases and implementations fail. 


In this talk I’ll take you through a step-by-step approach on how to evaluate software, navigate your organization to identify change management or friction points, and how to position and prepare yourself for success.




I offer approachable ways to develop your awareness and appreciation for your feelings. Once you’ve decided you’re ready to do the work, keep your efforts on your front burner and do it with help. It’s easy to go back to auto pilot. It takes repetition to change habits.


This is why coaching can be so helpful, serving as disruptors reminding you and helping you to change.


  • Accountability

  • Address Conflict

  • Practice inclusive language 

  • Create a culture of belonging

  • Empathy, mirroring and labeling 

  • Build a plan for software evaluations

  • Develop business case, ROI



Diana’s passion and knowledge of Emotional Intelligence (EI) is unparalleled. Her use of personal stories and connections help the listener to [reframe] their thoughts and embrace ALL emotions.

I would definitely listen to more of this topic or similar from Diana. She rocked it!! 

T. Johnson

Supervisory Logistics Management Specialist

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I had the pleasure of working with Diana as a speaker for The Complete Manager Makeover® – Transforming the Human in Human Resources® Inaugural Management Training Summit hosted by my firm. Her session on Emotional Intelligence was deep, thought provoking and transparent which is what we look for in our content, a connection to the Human element, Diana sure delivered!  She is a transparent leader and educator who I would recommend to any event planner.

Lisa Perez

Founder and CEO The Complete Manager Makeover & National Management Training Week

Diana takes us on a captivating journey and speaks with conviction on the topic of emotional intelligence. She offers practical and compelling advice in a fresh and professional manner, ebbing and flowing between scientific, creative, and sometimes personal point of views. Diana's own storytelling on her journey to emotional mastery keeps the attention of her viewers, and leaves us recognizing that our vulnerability is our strength, and harnessing the 'human' in business and in life is essential to our personal success.

Julia S. 

Senior Account Executive

Sharp, practical and deeply relatable. Diana will hit you between the eyes with the question: what are our feelings and what would happen if we really used them? Diana’s talk will leave you with a deeper appreciation of one of our greatest assets, our emotions. She established trust by being vulnerable to her audience and it was so refreshing. I felt smarter and more capable after digesting the concepts. It was fantastic and engaging. Diana is a diamond in the rough.

Ryan Christensen

Director, Latin America


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